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ember parr

Nashville based web developer with a diverse set of skills ranging from HTML + CSS + Javascript all the way to C#.NET and SQL databases.

What I Do

Microsoft .NET frameworks, modern client-side frameworks and both SQL and No-SQL databases.


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Task App

A daily task app built using Vue & deployed through Google Firebase
[In production - March 2021]

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About Me

Discovering My Passion

A semester into college I wished I could be a student forever, I truly & deeply love being in a learning environment. But with the costs of university learning, that clearly wasn’t a viable option. During my time working at New Life Laser, I dove into many roles with a consistent goal to ‘level up’ in my career. During my numerous transitions, I continued to gravitate towards online work which landed me in a marketing role handling all of our website content, digital marketing & search engine optimization (SEO). My proudest professional accomplishment was building an internal use application for our staff to use. This app completely changed the productivity of every staff member, improved communication among the admin team, and fine-tuned the sales process which led to organic company growth. During the process of building our internal app, I found a deep-rooted passion for building digital tools, so when the coronavirus pandemic left me with unexpected free time and the opportunity to shift careers, web development was the obvious path. I enrolled in Nashville Software School’s full-stack C#.Net course & never looked back.

Team Asset

Strong understanding of Git & GitHub version control

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Front End Development

  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript ES6
  • React / Vue
  • Design Sprints

Back End Development

  • C#/.NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • SQL / SQL Server
  • Visual Studio


  • Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Content Creation
Completed Projects

Projects Completed at Nashville Software School

I'm Available to Work!